2002-2006. European PhD in Biology. Murcia University, Spain. December 2006. Thesis title “Conservation of freshwater biodiversity in southeastern Spain: methods and approaches from water beetle data”. Acrobat

2000-2002. MSc in Animal Biology and Ecology: Environmental Perspectives. Murcia University. Spain

1995-2000. Degree in Biology (5-year BSc). Murcia University, Spain.

Previous scientific and/or professional activities

Queens_College_&_CUNY2014–2017 (3 years). Postdoctoral Fellow and Adjunct Assistant Professor at Queens College, City University of New York (USA). Supervisor: José D. Anadón.

au2010–2012 (2 years). Postdoctoral Fellow at Aarhus University, Aarhus (Denmark). Supervisor: Jens-Christian Svenning. Founded by Spanish Ministry of Education.

2010 (5 months). Researcher position within the ‘Saavedra Fajardo program’ of the Autonomous Government of Murcia for the reincorporation of junior scientists to research institutions of Murcia region (Spain). Founded by Seneca Foundation, Autonomous Government of Murcia (Spain).

70f971_0c2ae3a9db6a59e8fe21e41a84ce8feb.png_srz_308_53_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srz2008–2010 (1,5 years). Postdoctoral Fellow at Institute of Evolutionary Biology (CSIC-UPF), Barcelona (Spain). Supervisor: Ignacio Ribera. Founded by Seneca Foundation, Autonomous Government of Murcia (Spain).

70f971_e4f1c730a38a4f447fdbe52c26742ad4.jpg_srz_158_53_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz2007-2008 (1 year). Postdoctoral Fellowat National Museum of Natural Sciences, Madrid (Spain). Supervisor: Ignacio Ribera.

70f971_8a3f00b94d8ec7c33f6411ad3f44e469.jpg_srz_183_53_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz2001–2006 (5 years). PhD Studentship, Dept. of Ecology and Hydrology, Murcia University (Spain). Founded by Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo (private foundation).

1999–2000 (1 year). Research Collaboration Studentship at the Dept. of Ecology and Hydrology, Murcia University (Spain). Founded by Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Scientific visits

2008. Short stay in the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara, California (USA). March to April 2008 (4 weeks). Supervisor: Dr. Michael Caterino.

2005. Short stay in the Scholl of Biological Sciences, University of Plymouth, Plymouth (UK). September to December 2005 (12 weeks). Supervisor: Prof. David T. Bilton.

2001. Short stay in the Dept. of Zoology, Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos, Sao Leopoldo (Brasil). October to December 2001 (8 weeks). Supervisor: Prof. G.L. Fiorentin

Advised students

PhD Theses

Evolutionary ecology, biogeography and conservation of water beetles in Mediterranean saline ecosystems. Paula Arribas Blázquez. Co-advised with A. Millán and J. Velasco. Universidad de Murcia, 13/09/2013. European PhD, Excellent Cum Laude distinction. Best Ph.D. Thesis (biennium 2012-2013) for the Iberian Association of Limnology. Best PhD Dissertation in Freshwater Sciences (subsidiary prize, 2013-2014) for the European Federation for Freshwater Sciences. Link

Challenges for the conservation of aquatic macroinvertebrates and their habitats in the Iberian Peninsula. Simone Guareschi. Co-advised with A. Millán and J. Velasco. Excellent Cum Laude distinction. Universidad de Murcia, 29/01/2015. Link

Final degree projects and other projects

El género Aphelocheirus Westwood, 1833 Hemiptera: Aphelocheiridae en la Península Ibérica: vulnerabilidad y valor indicador. José A. Carbonell Hernández. Final degree project. Co-advised with A. Millán. Universidad de Murcia, 20/07/2009.

Los hemípteros acuáticos de la cuenca del Río Segura: estado del conocimiento, patrones de distribución y conservación. José A. Carbonell Hernández. Minor thesis. Co-advised with A. Millán. Universidad de Murcia, 24/06/2010.

Effects of climate change on Iberian threatened invertebrates. Víctor Martín Vélez. Degree project. Co-advised with F. Borchsenius. Aarhus University, 6/06/2012

Reviewer for

Global Change Biology, Global Ecology and Biogeography, Molecular Ecology, Journal of Biogeography, Biological Conservation, Journal of Applied Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation, Ecography, Animal Conservation, Hydrobiology, Marine Biology, Journal of Limnology, The Coleopterist Bulletin, Ecology and Evolution, Insect Conservation and Diversity

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